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[Feature Request]: Repldiag should coordinate garbage collection to improve S/N ratio on results

Dec 2, 2009 at 3:35 PM

Thanks Ken for these tools. They are great.

Every time I use advisory mode to check out potentially lingering objects in an environment I get a pretty good crop of false positives in the event log results for deleted items that have been garbage collected in some places but not yet in not others (expected).

I usually hack together a script (someday I'll learn to keep track of these) to run garbage collection (when appropriate) on all DCs of interest just prior to running advisory mode. This improves S/N ratio in the event log results.

Rather than using a hacky script for this, I thought I would suggest that this would make a great (optional and off by default) feature in the main line ReplDiag tool. It would certainly make my and my customers lives easier.